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SARMs vs Steroids

Sarms vs steriods

In the bodybuilding profession, whenever someone will talk about anabolic steroids, they are embarking on a very tricky journey of understanding the world of contested ideas. Some steroid enthusiasts frequently use them for lean muscle mass development and flaunting their muscles. Then there are those who tread the path cautiously given the nature of anabolic…

Are steroids legal in Canada?

are steroids legal in canada

Canada is known for its highly regulated online sites and especially, the steroid market. This is mainly because of the widespread abuse of illegal steroids. This is the very reason Canada has introduced the anabolic steroid control act to discourage selling of anabolic steroids and regulate the legal anabolic steroids through their legislation. This article…

How to Take Steroids?

How to Take Steroids?

What are Anabolic steroids? Steroids are the synthetic versions of the hormones which the human body naturally produces. Sometimes the amount the body produces is insufficient, so these synthetic hormones help to meet the requirements. Anabolic steroids or Anabolic androgenic steroids which are the best-studied class of appearance and performance-enhancing drugs (APEDs), mimic the function…